Save Our Shores

With every item sold, we donate 11% to small, local organizations working in the areas of environmental conservation, and ocean/shore preservation. You’re doing a world of good with every item purchased—nicely done!

After all, life on our planet depends solely on healthy oceans. Demands on our seas are accelerating. Shipping, tourism, oil and gas, renewable energy, overfishing and the growth of coastal communities—all of these take an enormous toll on both ocean habitats and species. 

We're currently working alongside Clayoquot Cleanup

Clayoquot sound is an ecologically rich ecosystem in Tofino, BC suffering from the impact of marine debris. Remote coastal regions of the sound have accumulated critical levels of debris and demand immediate attention. Debris removal from these remote regions requires considerable logistical planning, specialized technical experience, and support from sponsors.

This is where the Point Break Apparel x Clayoquot Cleanup collaboration can make a massive difference. Thanks to Clayoquot Cleanup's comprehensive marine debris program, we can properly maintain the rich balance of biology and economy in the Clayoquot sound.